Leigh-Ann Pahapill

Leigh-Ann Pahapill was the 2010 University of Chicago Awardee of the Edes Foundation Prize.

pictures for catalogue_1916 (1)She designs site-responsive projects where architecture is systematically examined as a means to dis-locate subject, object, and place. Her work is an attempt to invert and sustain the processes of representation as a means to provoke reflection on the logics, grammars, and other complexes of interpretation that comprise culture.

Pahapill’s 2010 Edes Award project, The Screen as the Juncture of the Infra-Ordinary, initiated a period of research into the material, epistemological, and ideological particularities of the screen, the white cube of the gallery, and the black box of the theatre. These spaces of representation were explored as hybrid scenes of exchange with the potential to materialize the realm of translation and mediation that is experience. Her award year started off with a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, Canada and finished with an exhibition of the works produced in residence at Galerie Catherine Bastide in Brussels in 2011.

Pahapill’s recent solo exhibitions include Screen Space, Melbourne, AU (2015); Box13 Artspace, Houston, TX (2014); Window (re/production re/presentation) Asheville, NC (2013); Penelec Gallery, Allegheny College, PA (2013); and the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, FL (2011 & 2012). Recent group exhibitions include Hyperbole at the History Museum at the China Academy of Art (IMPACT9 2015); It Was Better in Real Life Than Real Life at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi (ISEA2014); and PROOFOFPROOFOFCONCEPT at the Ontario College of Art and Design University Graduate Gallery (2013). Pahapill joined the faculty of the School of Art at Bowling Green State University in Ohio as an Assistant Professor in 2012.